Our approach

The Renewal Commission will be led by our residents’ and communities’ lived experiences. We will focus on collecting people’s stories, testing policy, developing missions, and sharing stories from other places on a similar journey.

Our work will use a framework of mission-oriented policy developed at UCL’s Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP) and build on the ‘Think and Do’ citizen-led climate movement in Camden.

The challenges targeted by the Commission are big and complex. To achieve our aims, these challenges must be broken down into steps.

These ‘missions’ are concrete targets within a challenge that act as a framework to encourage innovation. Using missions to drive policy means less focus on sectors and more on the problems that matter to all.

With this approach, we don’t know the right answers in advance. Instead, mission-oriented policies encourage risk and experimentation to find a range of solutions to meet our grand challenges.

A diagram showing the Missions approach by the UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose

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