The last few months have brought huge challenges and changes to people’s lives. COVID-19 has shone a spotlight on the inequalities that exist in our society, and in some cases has made these worse. It has highlighted that the economy we have is not working for everyone in our borough.

The Renewal Commission has been set up by Camden Council and UCL’s Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP) to develop practical solutions to help achieve a fair, sustainable economy and address the inequalities we have in Camden.

The Commission will be led by our residents’ experiences of life in Camden, so we understand the challenges people are facing, and how we can build a better, fairer borough.

Every Camden resident can play a part in the Commission’s work – sharing your stories, and your hopes and fears for the future. These will directly inform the Commission’s work.

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The Commission brings together the expertise and experience of community leaders, business and academics from across Camden.

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Grand challenges

Informed by our residents’ lived experiences, the Commission will develop and test policy alongside our communities, considering the following four challenges:

  1. How we can make sure our local economy thrives and local businesses are successful
  2. How we can take strong measures to protect our planet – transitioning to a zero-carbon economy and pursuing clean growth by 2030
  3. How we can make sure all Camden residents can access jobs that are right for them and that we have a welfare system that works for everyone
  4. How we can support people to develop the skills they need to participate fully in society and the economy.

We will work with those who know our community best – our residents, businesspeople, and academic leaders – to create economic renewal in Camden.

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